Monday, February 13, 2012

Bloomin' Monday: The Way We Were

Before you moved, you made contacts.  Once you got there, you made brownies.  Then you joined a new group or two.

But at some point - if it hasn't happened already - it will hit you: things just aren't the same "here" as they were "there."  For some of you, this will be a blissful realization.  But for others of us, it will be a moment of profound grief.

The city where we have felt the most "at home" has been Knoxville, Tennessee.  We loved our neighbors, we loved our church, we made close friends, we got involved, and then ... we had to move.  Twice.  Yes, we went through that heart-wrenching transition two different times.  And both times I was pregnant.

The first time, we moved from Knoxville to Alabaster, Alabama.  I'll never forget the first Sunday we drove into the parking lot of what would become our next church home.  I cried.  Big, ugly, pregnant, mad, confused, crying.  I think David even cried, too.  We just sat in our car all during Sunday school and finally got ourselves together enough to go to the worship service.  And then they sang a song that we had learned on our mission trip to Mexico.  A song about how the Lord "gives and takes away - blessed be the name of the Lord."  And I almost lost it again.

Moving isn't for wimps!  Or pregnant women - if it can be helped.

Yes, we went on to make friends in Alabaster.  Last week, I even shared how I eventually got to lead a ladies' Bible study there which I truly enjoyed.  But first, we grieved.

This past week, a virtual friend of mine (we've never actually met, but I feel like I know her) wrote a post on this very subject.  I hope you'll click over and read it.  It touched my heart, and I pray it will touch yours, too.  You can read it here.

So go ahead and grieve.  Get it out.  Cry those ugly tears.  And then keep moving forward.  Make new friends.  I promise, it really is possible.

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