Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The First Week

Just a post to get you caught up on our past week. It started with a massive deep clean of our apartment. It's amazing how much stuff can get caught in crevices and overlooked for months at a time - or maybe that's just at my house. It's also amazing how moving and cleaning can make a person a bit crazy. For example, here's my dear husband sitting in the refrigerator, just because he could.

He's going to do a guest post later on about how to load a moving truck, but here's shot of the load right before we started unloading at our new house.
I know it looks like a huge mess in the picture, but it's amazing how much stuff is packed in there. We hired some professional movers to come help unload, and they offered David a job. (I was glad David finally got some recognition for his packing prowess!) :)

There's always a part of me that wants to just leave things on the truck because a nice, clean, empty house soon turns into this.

But later came the best part - unpacking pretty things I hadn't seen in a year. I must tell you that I have never - not for one moment - doubted my choice in fine china. (For that matter, I also love my white "every day" pattern, but I didn't take pictures of it.) Brookhollow by Noritake. I don't think it's made anymore. I just love it. Look at those dainty cups! I have got to use this stuff more often than the occasional Thanksgiving!

Can I just say again that I have missed having pretty things? Now, I must tell you that my kitchen is open to the family room, and this pottery clashes horribly with my living room furniture. I thought about not using it. But I decided that, at least for now, I would rather be surrounded with things that I loved, even if they don't all match each other. I love this pottery, and I use it as accents in my kitchen.

Now if I could just get new couches....

Meanwhile, we have also made two big trips to WalMart, explored our new territory a bit, and made our first trip to the DMV. I say first because David managed to get a driver's license, but he had to go back later to get our new car tags, and I can't get a driver's license until I get a new copy of our marriage license. (Apparently, a social security card is not enough proof that my name is, in fact, Laura Baggett. ARGH!) Has anyone seen our marriage license? I haven't seen it in almost 11 years. Oh well. Just think how much more exciting a trip to the DMV will be when I get to go alone with the two kiddos. I can just imagine how my picture will turn out as I try to keep Nathan from running out the emergency exit. I'll let you know if it turns out to be "post-worthy."
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