Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Decorating Dilemma

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Whether you are new or not, I would love your advice on a decorating dilemma at our new house.

In the master bathroom, there is a spa tub (yay!), but it also doubles as the shower. Right now, there's no shower curtain hanging because a standard rod (or even one of the curved ones) doesn't fit. (You would think that having to watch myself take a shower in the mirror directly across would motivate me to stop baking brownies, but so far, no luck!) I am aware that rods can be ordered for this type of shower, and we're planning to do that in the near future. My dilemma is how to keep such a large area from looking like a "stage" once a curtain (or probably two curtains) is hung up. Any suggestions for making it a little less "dramatic?" We're renting, so tearing it out or other major changes are out of the question.

Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. Hmm...I'm giving this one some thought.

  2. gosh wish i could help. brownies made me laugh. i'll think about your question. oh what about one of those screens. i they are called room dividers. i just googled it! there are some nice ones that might work. google it :)

  3. Oh, I love when i am instantly inspired about something.

    idea 1:
    I would put a folding screen up.
    You know, like tall shutters. You could use old closet doors, or pick up a 3 fold screen at a g. sale.
    Kind of put that at one corner, and a bit of a table with plants,candle etc on other corner.
    Not too much trouble to move when you need to shower, but oh so cute when you are not.

    idea 2:
    a tall shelf at one corner. either a metal one you could kind of see form all sides, or even a maybe 4' 2 shelf wood one. Decorate on top, towels on bottom??

    Let me know what you think, and when you do something post me so i can come see it. =0))
    Barbara Jean

    PS any way to hang a fern in there around tub??

  4. Thanks for linking up! :) Your brownie comment made me laugh!!

    First of all, props to you for having a nice large tub. Ours is the old fashioned, smallish 1970s tub...ick! I think you could make it look less like a stage by ordering/making shower curtain(s) with a nice pattern to them in pretty colors. When I think of a stage, I think of heavy red velvet curtains. Is there a side of the tub that doesn't get used much? Maybe the side under the faucet end? You could do a low bench or small shelving unit there and dress it up with a small plant, some books, maybe a few candles.

    I am hoping Blogger fixes its Dashboard issues so people will be able to find my blog and join up. I haven't been able to see any of the blogs I follow since yesterday morning. Grrr...sometimes Blogger makes me so mad!

  5. I totally have tub envy! I think a standing towel rack or shelf would look nice on one corner of the tub, or maybe a big basket of rolled up decorative towels?

    And a little stool or wooden chair on the other side would be cute!

  6. Just nix the tub idea and acutally USE it as a stage....just kidding. No one would want to hear my shower voice either! Hmmm....I like the other people's advice. But something that struck me was if you could hang a large shabby/vintage plate-glass window either painted or left alone on one side like a room-divider? You wouldn't want it to get moisture rot so you'd have to be careful there. Hmmm..interesting problem!

  7. My first though would be that if you need two curtains that instead of hanging them at opposite ends ( stage like) when you are not using them you pull them both to the center and maybe tie them together with something quick and easy with a velcro closure so it it doesn't become another chore to make the bathroom look nice.

  8. Y'all have had such wonderful ideas. Now I can't wait to start decorating the bathroom! Thank you!

  9. Hey! Thanks for entering the giveaway:)

    Can't wait to see the results of your bathroom redo, too!


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