Monday, September 14, 2009


I've recently been following a blog called Pleasing To You, and I highly recommend it. The writer is celebrating her 100th post today by hosting a blog party where people write in about what brings them joy. I have found that I work best with these sorts of "assignments." Otherwise, I'm often wondering what on earth to write about.

When I saw this topic, I knew immediately what I wanted to write about.

Yes, my baby girl brings me great joy, but that's not actually what this post is about. It's about the camera used to take this great picture.

Earlier this month, I wrote a couple of posts about some DIY projects I've been doing around the house. I included some pictures, and several were less than ideal photo-wise. With an upcoming birthday, I wrote a not-so-subtle message (really intended for my mother) saying that I would really like to have a new camera.

Well, shortly after that, I received a comment from a reader named Jennifer saying that she wanted to contact me by e-mail. I wrote to her and thanked her for visiting my blog. She wrote back saying that she felt the Lord was leading her to give me her digital camera! She sent a link to the description of the camera, and I immediately saw that it was far superior to the camera I had at the time. I excitedly accepted.

The camera arrived this past Thursday. And not just the camera, but a lovely candle and candleholder from Yankee Candle (LOVE that store!) for a housewarming gift, and 3 fun books for my children! I just sat there in stunned JOY!

Did I mention that she lives in Rhode Island, and I live in Arkansas? We've been e-mailing back and forth, and we are really a lot alike in personality. Once again, God has used the Internet to make a connection that otherwise would never have been made. She has been working on a new blog to display her photography. Right now, it's under construction, but I'll let you know when it's up and running. I would love for you to visit her as well.

God has clearly used her as a channel of blessing into my life. I pray that He will bless her multiple times over for her generosity, and I pray that He will teach me to be that kind of friend.

What brings you joy?


  1. That is just the coolest story! I am amazed how the internet has opened doors for the most wonderful friendships. And I must say that I had the hugest smile ever when I saw that picture of your daughter with the food all over her face! Loved that!! Thank you for coming to my party!!

  2. This is one of those times I just stop and say to God, "You are just so sweet!"
    He is a loving and caring God...and just so sweet to us!

  3. Hi Dear,
    That's a great question -- "What brings you joy?"
    I am so glad you had this wonderful blessing.


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