Friday, February 24, 2012

My Favorite Apps - Part 3

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Sorry for the delay in finishing this series on my favorite iPad apps.  Today I will focus on the ones most enjoyed by my 3-year-old, but if you are interested in the ones I prefer or the ones most used by my 5-year-old, click here.

Educational Apps (She has many more loaded that she occasionally plays, but these are her favorites.)
iReading books  (There are tons of these.  She can follow along as the story is read, and some have some extra activities.)
Bob Books  (I've been amazed at what all she has learned just playing around.)

Coloring Apps
There are lots of these available.  She goes through periods of really enjoying them.

Just for Fun
Anything by Toca (We have Tea Party, Hair Salon, and Doctor, so far.  She LOVES all of them!)
MyPlayHome (another big winner)
EasyBakeTreats  (Who wouldn't enjoy making and decorating their own cupcakes?  Both of my children enjoy this one.)

I have paid for several of these, but many I have gotten for free.  Again, I recommend AppShopper (or something similar) as a way to track when apps go on sale.  I have many more in mind for Megan that I'm watching for a price drop.

What apps do you recommend for preschoolers?

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