Thursday, May 30, 2013


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I should have known this was coming.  It has certainly happened before.  I wrote all about it here.


Yesterday, the kids and I met some new friends at a local park for a play date.  We had a lovely time.  This fellow homeschool Mama seems like someone I will really enjoy getting to know, and we're planning to get together again in a couple of weeks.

But on the way home it sort of hit me like a ton of bricks: I miss my friends in Fort Smith.  Today was a reminder of the tremendous time and effort that it takes to develop friendships, especially for an introvert like me.  In my natural state, I'm a loner, but I have experienced the powerful negative effects of staying isolated, and I don't want to go back into that hole again.

I also miss my old house.  We have a couple who are trying desperately to sell their house so that they can buy ours, and financially, we *really* need for that to happen soon.  But meanwhile, my house here still has lots of boxes.  It also still has "builder beige" walls and bare windows, and I am overwhelmed with trying to make choices about paint colors and curtain fabric and furniture placement. 

I will keep moving forward.  I will continue to get out of the house and make new friends.  I will make these decisions, and it will all be fine.  But last night I cried.  And I grieved.  And I got a muscle ache all down the side of my neck from stress.

Am I glad we're here?  Yes.
Do I believe this was the right thing for our whole family?  Yes.
Will Rome, Georgia, eventually be "home" for me?  Yes.
Would I rather be in Fort Smith, Arkansas, right now?  Yes.

Today is a new day.  I've taken some Claritin (since I'm allergic to Georgia in May) and some Advil, and I'm determined to unpack more boxes here in my office/school room today.  I might even choose a paint color or two.  And tonight, Rome will be a bit closer to "home."  Tomorrow it will be a bit closer again.  And so forth.  I've done this dance a few times before, and I know the steps.  Maybe I just need to crank up the music.  I'm thinking my Summer Hits of the 80s Pandora station may be just the ticket.  :)

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  1. Oh my can I relate... We moved last July (yes almost a year ago) and I'm still having major issues... I'm going to be praying for you because I could use your prayers for myself! Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Roll at Hip Homeschool Moms. I always love finding other homeschool bloggers. Would love for you to stop by The Arrowood Zoo Blog:

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Also, thanks for your prayers. I am feeling much more "at home" here, but my son is still struggling a bit. He's adjusting - just more slowly. I'm glad he's sharing his feelings with me, though. I will pray for y'all, too. I know how hard it can be, especially if you really loved where you had been previously. Off to visit your blog now! :)


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