Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Musing: The Countdown is On....

It should be here any day now.  And I can hardly wait.  The confirmation e-mail said it should arrive between October 20th and 26th.

So what am I waiting for?  This beauty!!

Photo from

It seems all my blog-dreams have been coming true lately.  First, a reader sent me her wondeful camera.  And now, I am getting a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for my birthday from my parents!  Woo hoo!! And I got it on a great sale, so I was able to get a better one than I had even wanted!  Double Woo Hoo!!


  1. Yay for you!!! I got one, back in those days before kids...when we had money to give eachother gifts at Christmas... :) May it serve you well!


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