Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goal Giggin'!

Growing up, I heard my Dad talk about how much fun he used to have going frog giggin.'  (Is that what it's actually called?  Does anyone West of the Mississippi or North of Nashville know what I'm talking about?)  Apparently, it's done at night and involves spearing frogs which are later fried and eaten (or at least their legs).

So what does that have to do with goals?

Earlier this week, I shared about my goals for 2012 and how I developed them.  Well, after completing that list, I began reading this book:

I'm still reading through the book, but it has already done so much to change how I approach my daily tasks.  The main premise is this: focus on those tasks that have the greatest potential positive or negative consequences and do those things before moving on to the less consequential tasks.  With this in mind, each night I go through my list of goals and choose one task that, if done the following day, will move me closer to reaching that goal.  I do this for most, if not all, of my 2012 goals.
For example, one of my goals is to have a more welcoming home, with a particular focus area being "Develop a reasonable home-keeping schedule."  So for the past week, I have had on my task list (or Frog List) "laundry, kitchen counters and sink, bathrooms."  Since my goal is to add just a very few tasks at a time, I'll stick with that list for at least another week before adding more.

Another focus area under Personal Growth is to make more friends, so this week "sign up for homeschool co-op group" was on the list, and I mailed the registration form on Friday.

This sort of thing probably comes naturally to lots of people, but not to me.  It's amazing how much more focused I feel.  I'm beginning to believe I might actually achieve those goals this year!

So that's what works for me!  If you want to get lots of great tips on many different topics, check out today's Works For Me Wednesday here.

Let's gig some goals!  Maybe we could coin a new(ish) phrase: "Gig 'Er Done!"  Ha!

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  1. Your Dad and I chuckled with delight while reading this. Good one, hon. Glad you've found ways to make progress.


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