Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear 20-Year-Old Me

This year will live in your memory as a very fun year.  In January, you will finally meet The One - your future husband.  And yes, you will hear God tell you that it's him!  But here's a hint: He's talking about the other guy in the car, not the one you think.  (To be fair, they both drive almost identical cars.  Is it any wonder your dream car was a blue Mustang??)

Nevertheless, following around that wrong guy for a couple of years will lead you in some very right directions, spiritually, so it's not a bad thing at all.  And meanwhile, you'll become good friends with The One which will eventually make for a solid marriage.  (Thankfully, The One will laugh at your crush on other guy instead of being upset.  In fact, other guy will be a groomsman in your wedding!)

You were right to change your major.  Sure, chemical engineering sounds impressive and has a great salary to go with it, but it's not right for you.  Although you can't even imagine it now, you will someday want to be a stay-at-home Mom - a homeschooler, even! (Don't worry.  It's a lot more mainstream now than it used to be.) - and that math degree will allow you to do just that.

This Summer, you're going to date a really cute guy.  (No, not other guy.  He's already found his One.  And no, not The One - although he's super cute, too.  It's not quite time for that.)

No, he's not really proposing.  Guess who set up this pose??  (Hi, Mom!)
Prepare yourself - this one is a Yankee!  ;)  He's not The One and it won't last much past Christmas, but it will make for a really fun Summer and several trips to Indiana this Fall, rooming with random girls in his dorm and meeting his family.  He will be the reason you first learn to e-mail, and it will be a very tedious process in 1994.  However, once again thanks to computers (that get WAY easier to use), you'll still be in touch with him 18 years later.  (I know.  It boggles the mind, doesn't it?)  Going to Seattle this Summer might seem sort of strange - and in fact, it will be the one and only year that Campus Crusade holds a Summer Project in Seattle - but it's preparing you to live there for several years in the not-too-distant future.  (If you get a chance to try teriyaki chicken while you're there, please do.  Yum-O!)

I hope you enjoyed that undefeated football season last year.  It'll be a while before that happens again, but - brace yourself - we will eventually be the National Champions!

So enjoy this year at Auburn because, win or lose, it really is great to be an Auburn Tiger!  War Eagle!

P.S. Repeat after me: "My socks do NOT have to match my Duck Head shorts."

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  1. Love it!! Brings back alot of memories:)

  2. What a fun idea to write letters to your self at a different age. I will definitely have to try that! Loved this.

    Thanks for your comment at my blog about friendships. The title of your blog is very appropriate for that : Bloom Where You are Planted. And I would be honored if you linked my post to yours. Thanks for the compliement.

    Love, A Company Girl

  3. LOVED THIS! What a great idea to write letters to your past self. I would definitely say, "skip the permed hair" to my 80's self. It was fun to see a glimpse of your life "back then" and how The One was a part of it long before you knew he was The One.

    I wonder what my future self would say to my current self?

  4. Neat post!!! Thanks for sharing :)
    And I "get it" with all the guys. . .I've been lucky like that in my life with my friendships too. . .
    I'm wondering if I could remember that much about my 20-yr-old self (considering I just doubled that age this week!)??? I *do* know I was 2+ years in with my "the One" by then. . .but still didn't know it. . .

  5. I really enjoyed this! Looking back at your young self from your more experienced perspective seems like a great way to trace God's hand guiding you through life. Thanks for the great read.
    (A Company Girl)


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