Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dear 12-Year-Old Me

I've been mentioning doing this on Facebook for a few days, and trying to get up the nerve to hit "publish."  I apologize if this is a bit self-serving.  I've just been thinking about a lot of past events lately (not sure why) and decided to work through them with a different perspective and a bit of humor.  I think it has a lot to do with seeing how fast my own children are growing and realizing that they will be facing these same growing pains before long.

Some of you will remember these times first-hand while others of you will have no idea what I'm talking about.  However, I think most of these experiences are pretty universal, so maybe it will help someone else.  Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.  Also, I'd love to hear what you'd say to your 12-year-old self, too.  :)

So here goes....

Me (right) and my best friend, Jennifer.  The above picture is actually at age 13, I think, when things are beginning to improve.  Apparently, I have successfully deleted all photographic proof of 3rd - 6th grades.

Dear 12-year-old Laura,

Boy, things just aren't very fun right now.  It's not easy having terrible acne during the years BEFORE anyone else does.  And why on earth did you get assigned PE 1st period??  Because acne + PE first thing in the morning + moving up to junior high = a 6th-grade fate worse than death!

I wish I could tell you that the acne will disappear soon and it will be gone forever.  It won't.  Twenty-six years from now you'll still get the occasional zit ... along with wrinkles.  But it WILL get tremendously better.  In fact, as early as 7th grade, things will begin to improve.  Yes, you'll get braces, but so will everyone else, so it will seem cool.  (And thankfully, you'll only have to wear the head gear at night for part of the time.)

In the meantime, you do have some really fun friends in Jennifer (above), Lori, Heather, etc.  Enjoy laughing with them!  (But do not - I repeat, DO NOT - let them give you a perm in 8th grade at a spend-the-night party!  Thankfully, it won't really "take," but still....)

Go ahead and start shaving your legs.  Your mother either hasn't noticed or is in denial that you are growing up, but trust me, it's time.

And those two boys that you and Jennifer are so crazy about?  NOT the answer to lifelong happiness.  Trust me.

You know your friend, Ben - the one who sent you roses to school?  (What?  That hasn't happened yet?  Well, it will next year then.)  Be nice to him.  He's going to be a great friend for a long time to come.  No, he's not The One.  But give him more of a chance.  I can pretty much guarantee he'd never break your heart.

So hang in there.  This really is the worst it will get (at least through 38 ... can't speak about the years beyond that yet).  Next year, you will start to come into your own, and each year will be a little better than the one before.

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  1. Now that you've been shaving your legs for 26 years, does it still contain the "mysteries of the universe?" Sorry, hon. Maybe you will be more observant and sensitive with your sweet Megan because of this experience in your life. I'm so glad you survived IN SPITE OF your mother. :) Good job with this blog. I love you!

  2. Your leg shaving comment takes me back to the last year of GA camp. Candee Blackmon and I begged to start shaving our legs before camp and our mom's both said a resounding No to that. We got to do it when we returned from GA camp (the summer before 7th grade). It was a huge deal for two dark haired girls with very hairy legs. Thanks for bringing back the memories for me. I wish I could have read a letter to myself at 12 to know what to stay away from! I love this!

    1. Thanks, Alyson. Ahh, GA Camp. That brings back some memories, too. :)

  3. can i just say how thankful *I* am that I got to be your friend? (at 12 and 16) Great times sweet girl (we're still girls, right?)
    Love you!

    1. Thanks, Amber. Me, too! And yes, we're definitely still girls. :) Love you, too!


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