Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Goals: Monthly Checkup - Part 1

At the beginning of the year, I posted about my goals for 2012.  You can see them here.  Since it's the beginning of February, I thought this would be a good time to do a goals "check-up."

Priority 1: Have a more welcoming home.

This one is actually going the worst, I'm afraid.  I started out pretty strong, but quickly fizzled, especially in the "develop a reasonable home-keeping schedule" department.  Beginning today (February 1st), I'm going to try something new.  It starts out VERY SLOWLY.  In fact, my first thought was, "Even I am more organized than this."  But then I looked around my house and realized that, no, I'm really not.

One blog that I enjoy reading is A Slob Comes Clean, and she has recently published a new e-book called 28 Days to Hope for Your Home.  For the month of February it's on sale for $4.00 (50% off the regular price of $7.99).  Want to join me?

Now moving on to better news....

Priority 2: Improve my health and well-being.

As of this morning, I have lost 5 pounds.  (For me, the most exciting part was that the middle number of my weight is now back to what it was a year ago.  I'm in a new weight decade!)  Verdict: Weight Watchers does work, but it can be excruciatingly slow.  This should have come as no surprise to me.  Five years ago (has it really been that long?), I lost 26 pounds on WW, but it took me 8 months.  I got pregnant 3.4 days later...

Other parts of this goal were to exercise regularly (nothing happening here yet - and yes, I see the connection to the above paragraph, but 5 years ago I WAS exercising regularly and still had those results), visit the doctor and dentist on a regular basis (doctor appointment made for March; still too chicken about the dentist), and go to bed/get out of bed earlier (progress being made on the bedtime end).

Priority 3: Continue to improve in homeschooling.

I'm happy to say that I am back to more detailed planning of our weekly schedule.  I'm hoping to extend that to a monthly schedule soon.  Megan is becoming more involved, but there's still work to be done here.  I have ordered Nathan's math books for next year (since he'll be finished with the Kindergarten ones in a couple of weeks), but I'm still pondering what to use for Phonics/Reading/Spelling.  Anyone have any experience with The Phonics Road?

Well, there are 3 more goals, but this post is already plenty long.  If you're still reading, Thank You!!  If you want to read about my other goals, you can do that here.

How are your new years' goals going so far?  I'd love to hear.

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  1. Flylady is my very best friend! It's the only reason my house stays manageable (

    Eating a primal/paleo diet is an easy way for a lot of people to lose weight without feeling hungry. Check out the success stories at MDA (sorry - don't know how to make that a clickable link)

    Hope this info is helpful!

    1. Thanks for your comments on both of my posts, Johnlyn! I tried FlyLady before but got completely overwhelmed at all of the e-mails. I spent too much time reading and not enough time actually cleaning. :) Thanks for the tip about the primal/paleo diet, too.

  2. Just popping in from Company girls,Thanks for the book idea, I'll have to check it out...(housekeeping is not my forte, ahem)
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!


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