Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear 18-Year-Old Me

Not surprisingly, you're in love again - or at least in the throes of a huge crush.  (See, I told you that you would survive breaking up with J!)  This one seems to have a lot going for him: extra cute, great singer, big dreams, ... and he thinks you're pretty great, too!

Is that a bare shoulder I see?  If only I'd had the guts to go knee-length on this one.  Not sure Dad would have approved, though.
I wish I could tell you he's The One (your mother wanted him to be The One, too), but he's not.  There are some more really painful lessons to learn about a year from now, but until then, enjoy the excitement!  Besides, because of him, you're about to go on a great adventure, traveling all across the country and to Bulgaria!  (That won't sound so great at first when you find out he gets to go to Ireland, but trust me, you're in just the right place.)

The sights, sounds, memories, and experiences of this coming Summer with Celebrant Singers will stay with you forever.  I'm thrilled to tell you that you will still be in touch with most of your group 20 years from now.  (Through the computer again ... it's truly amazing what they can do now.)

Yes, Auburn is the right choice for you.  Don't keep agonizing about it.  It will suit your personality and educational needs, you'll make wonderful friends, be a part of a great church, and you'll finally meet The One while you're there!  Go ahead and join the Auburn Singers, but don't expect it to be your source of friendships and connections.  There is a vast chasm between those on stage and you on the piano bench.  But that's okay.  You'll get a wonderful trip to Europe out of the deal.

Speaking of Europe, enjoy that trip to Austria this December!  Stick with your friend Geanni, and you'll stay out of trouble.  Just trust me.

You're about to end one chapter of your life and begin another.  It's exciting!  Enjoy this time!

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  1. You looked beautiful in that dress, and C wasn't so bad-looking either. That Celebrant Singer Summer was just about the death of me, but I'm oh-so-glad you were brave enough to have that experience. I think it prepared you for all the other adventures you've had . . . so far.

  2. That was a great trip to Austria! I'm so glad I had you to share it with! So glad we stayed out of trouble....besides when I pulled the bag from the overhead on the plane and it accidentally hit that guy in the head! Remember, we wrote a song about it?! ;D ~geanni


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