Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Big Reveal: Part 2

If you're just joining in, you may want to read this first to get caught up.

We continued to talk about and consider moving to Alaska for a couple of weeks.  The main issue standing in our way was the cost of living.  It's MUCH higher than Fort Smith, Arkansas.  In researching houses (to buy or to rent) and talking to a cousin who grew up in Alaska, we had a pretty good ballpark figure in mind of how much David's income would need to be to at least be comparable to our current (comfortable but not extravagant) lifestyle.  Problem: it became clear that the job in Alaska was not going to pay anywhere close to that amount.

Moving far away for a new adventure: exciting.

Moving far away and having to pinch every penny leaving no money for actually enjoying the benefits of living in Alaska: no fun at all.

We were disappointed by this turn of events, but we recovered.  All along, we had been asking for God to make His will apparent to us.  For us, the salary issue was the answer we were seeking.

Although we were still more than willing to stay in Fort Smith, the business continued to decline and various signs seemed to be pointing in the direction of us needing to move on, at least within the next year.  So one night we sent David's resume in response to 8 different job postings.  Within a couple of days, David had been contacted by 5 companies in Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Florida.  Of those, the three that seemed to be the most realistic were the ones in Texas, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

The potential employer in Kentucky spoke with great urgency of wanting to fill a management position in Elizabethtown and gave every indication of wanting to hire David as soon as possible.  So the last week of June, we found ourselves in Elizabethtown for David's interview.  He spent the day at the office, and I spent the day looking at houses.

While there, David found out that another person was also being interviewed later that week, but he felt positive about the interview.  So we waited and prayed.

And waited.  And prayed.  And waited some more.

A few weeks later, they finally decided to hire someone else.  Again, we were disappointed but not bewildered.  If God didn't want us in Kentucky, then we didn't want to go to Kentucky.  After all, there were still "irons in the fire" in Texas and North Carolina.

To be continued....

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  1. Hurry up and post the final installment! I'm.waiting with baited breath! Luv


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