Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Big Reveal: Part 4

Here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

So are you tired of reading about this yet?  Imagine living all of this!

So where were we?  Oh yes, we were moving to Chattanooga but checking out Birmingham just in case.  (Birmingham, AL, is less than 2 hours from each set of our kids' grandparents and about the same distance from our beloved Auburn.)

David had been trying to get in touch with a guy named Adam down in Birmingham for a week or so with no luck.  In a way that only God could orchestrate (because it came as a direct result of David obeying God on another issue), David learned that Adam was looking to hire a practitioner in Alabaster, where we had lived a few years ago.  This time, he finally was able to speak with Adam, and they arranged a meeting for the next day, July 27th.

The meeting went very well, but there were some details to be worked out.  This would soon become a recurrent theme in the process.

We picked up the kids at my parents' house, headed back to Arkansas, and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  Sadly, no one from Chattanooga called.  No one from North Carolina called, either (although that was just fine with us).  And details were still being worked out in Birmingham.

While waiting and still searching for jobs online, we came across a job in Paducah, Kentucky.  Since that's still a lot closer to our family than we are here in Outer Mongolia, Arkansas, we sent in a resume.

David stayed in touch with the person who had told him about the (unadvertised) job with Adam and learned of an opening in a vascular surgeon's office also in Birmingham.  David sent a resume and heard back very quickly.  Because the doctor would be out of town for much of September, they needed to meet very soon.  Again, God arranged some details to make that possible, so off he went.

The interview went extremely well.  The job was an amazing fit for our family.  Dr. D. said he would have an offer for David as soon as he got back from his first trip.  Yippee!  Looks like we're moving back to Alabama!!

To be continued...

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