Monday, October 29, 2012

The Big Reveal: Part 1

We've been in Fort Smith now for just over 3 years.  In fact, we set a new David-and-Laura record last month in our current house: longest time living at a single address (25 months).  For most of that time, David has wanted to move.  He has felt disconnected from anywhere he considered "home" and has had a hard time making friends.  While I didn't just love it here at first, I began to make friends pretty early on, and several of those friendships have continued this whole time.  I have "put down roots" here and feel quite at home.

Over the Spring, David finally began to feel at home here, too.  He started making some friends and just generally became more content here.  Although the business at his office was diminishing, he was hopeful and confident that, with God's intervention and direction, the business could thrive again.  We were making plans for how to market the office and looking forward to buying the office here in a couple of years.

At the end of May, David and I traveled to Tampa for him to take part of a certification test in orthotics.  Driving back up I-95, he said something quite unexpected: "I think I should apply for that job in Alaska."

Umm, what?

This job in Anchorage had been posted in the orthotics and prosthetics trade magazines for quite a while, and several times I had (half-joking, half-not) suggested that we consider it, but David always just looked at me incredulously and laughed.  After all, if Arkansas was "too far away," then why on earth would we move to Alaska?

It took me a few minutes to get over the initial shock, but then I was all over the idea.  You see, contrary to my rather plain exterior, I have quite a thirst for adventure (not the jumping out of airplanes type but the living in a different part of the country or different part of the world type).  So in true David-and-Laura style, we spent most of the trip back to north Alabama (to pick up the kids) talking about this next adventure, how crazy it was, and how we were sure we could make it work.

Within a couple of days of getting back home, we had sent a resume, David had a very positive phone interview, and things were moving along.  I even had a new blog name picked out for chronicling the adventure: The Frozen Magnolia!

To be continued....

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  1. I love the blog title you were considering. Could you use it as part of a wintertime series no matter where you are??

  2. Crazily, Laura, I have a friend from Alaska and one who went to school there. So if this adventure goes in that direction, let me know! Maybe we can help you make some connections! ;-)


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