Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Big Reveal: Part 5

Here is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Are you beginning to wonder if the story is finally over?  Yep, so were we.

It wasn't.

On Tuesday, September 4th, we were expecting a formal offer on the job in Birmingham with the vascular surgeon.  No phone call, no e-mail, nothing.  After a couple more days, David called to find out Dr. D. was on another overseas trip but was assured that everything was still a "go" when he got back.

He came back.  Nothing.  He went on another trip.  He came back.  Still nothing.  It was now the end of September.

In the meantime, that random resume sent to Paducah was getting a lot of interest.  David was called by someone in HR.  Then he was called by the area manager.  Then the HR person again.  And then an official phone interview by a senior manager.

And then, they offered him a job.  Over the phone.  With no face-to-face interview.

But, wait.  Weren't we moving to Birmingham?  It's the perfect job, remember?

Finally, on October 3rd, we found out that Dr. D. had hired someone else - a few weeks earlier.  You would think someone would have called David, right??  Sigh.

So, Paducah.  Not somewhere we had been dreaming of going, but we have a job offer from there.  Time to check it out!

Suffice it to say that going on all of these trips/interviews wasn't cheap, so we decided it would be best for David to go alone to Paducah.  He was there this past Monday (October 8th).  In a sense, he was interviewing them, since he had already been offered the job.  He spent most of the day at the office, getting to know the people who would be his coworkers, and then drove around town for a bit.  It all seems like it would be a really good fit: big, stable company; doing prosthetics almost exclusively (another story - but that's important); increase in salary; retirement plan.

Here's the irony: over the course of these last six months, as we've been traipsing all over the Southeast on The Great Job Hunt, David has really grown attached to Fort Smith, Arkansas (where we currently live).  (I put down roots here much sooner, but it has taken David a while.)  Mostly, we really love our church - we're making good friends, we've got a new pastor we're very excited about, we've grown so much through the marriage conference, etc.  Six months ago, the decision would have been very easy (at least for David).  But now - do we stay, or do we go?

To be continued...

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